Blow and Injection Moulds 

Moulds production

Besides the skilled resources and the specialists in engineering/ making moulds, OMMP-MOULDS can count on a tool shop composed of the most updated machine tools park. The constant investment over the years into new equipment has improved and completed the extensive know-how that OMMP-MOULDS can offer his Clients.

Machinery tools park

A series of CNC machines for different operations (milling, grinding, perforating, lathe and EDM machines) assure the highest precision and quality of processing on metallic particulars, from the simple plates to small inserts, that for dimensions, tight tolerances and shape require the utmost accuracy and technology level.assure the highest reliability.

Palletised equipment of the last generation complete the tool shop, permitting OMMP-MOULDS a continuous working cycle, so as to respect the tightest delivery time required by the market, linked with highest quality level.

Not less important are the workings that still today are done manually by highly qualified professionals on particulars of mould that need a finishing surface of superior quality and that only sure hands can assure.

Quality control

Every step of the production is daily monitored in compliance with the quality standard protocols and regulations.

Each component, if it comes from our carefully selected suppliers, comes with a quality and warranty certificate which assures the final user an indisputable perfection.